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  • When the weather forecasters start to duck and cover, it's time to listen to their warnings.

    A tornado emergency in Wichita, Kansas, on Sunday took on a new sense of immediacy when local broadcasters left the set during live coverage and announced they were taking shelter.

    J.D. Rudd, a meteorologist at NBC news affiliate KSN, told viewers repeatedly the situation had become an emergency and they should take shelter. From off-camera, a man identified as the chief meteorologist, Dave Freeman, said the radar showed the tornado headed straight for downtown, where the station is located.

    Before long, the broadcasters were taking their own advice. Rudd stepped off camera and Freeman's voice said it was time for them to leave as well.

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    In the first comment on the video uploaded to KSN, a viewer says she refused to take shelter until she saw the staff at the television station walk off set.

    "Once you all took shelter some of us actually realized just how serious this storm was and decided to take

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  • A geographical mix-up that lead an American couple to wake up on the wrong continent has the pair vowing to double-, even triple-check their airline codes from now on.

    A report in the Los Angeles Times describes the story of Sandy Valdivieso and her husband on the vacation that had them hopping around the globe. And not because they wanted to.

    Valdivieso and her husband booked a flight from Los Angeles to the country of Dakar, in Senegal. They bought the tickets, packed the bags and boarded the Turkish Airlines flight, following the airport code DAC.

    And that's where the trouble started.

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    Valdivieso told the Times she and her husband fell asleep after boarding their connecting flight from Istanbul and then opened their eyes to an image of the map, showing the plane over the Middle East. Dakar is in western Africa. They were headed the wrong way.

    That's because DAC is the airport code for Dhaka, Bangladesh, nearly 15,000

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  • Wildlife videographer Brad Josephs recently learned first-hand how the inside of a grizzly bear's jaw looks. And then he shared that experience with everyone else.

    He posted a video last week of a grizzly bear chewing on his GoPro camera, writing the incident took place while he was trying to film close-up footage for the BBC special Great Bear Stakeout. My bets were on the bear in this camera-versus-grizzly stakeout but the camera survived those powerful jaws without any damage, according to the video description.

    A GoPro camera has also survived a lion's chomping teeth this year.

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    In the new video, the bear sidles into the shot, creating a beautiful nature scene framed with mountains and a sky filled with hovering clouds. But the scene quickly changes from picturesque to intimate when the wet bear walks up to the camera, pawing it and then opening its jaws for a taste.

    The bear chews on the camera for a while, giving the audience

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  • Canadian Sudarshan Gautam is the first athlete with two arms amputated to climb Mount Everest without prosthetic limbs.Canadian climber Sudarshan Gautam may not have arms, but his dreams extend far beyond the reach of many who do.

    Gautam, a 31-year-old Calgary resident who was born in Nepal, reached the summit of Everest on Monday, becoming the first athlete with two arms amputated to climb the mountain without prosthetic limbs, according to Sun News Network.

    He lost his arms as a child while flying a kite from a roof top, according to the biography on his Facebook page. The kite hit an electrical wire, burning his arms so badly the doctor amputated the limbs.

    A post from Gautam's account said that he had reached the summit at 10:55 a.m and he was feeling proud. An update to the post said it was written by a childhood friend, Shiba Chaulagain.

    "This is due to the inspiration of you, all the supporters," the post said.

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    A photo album shared on the same page shows Gautam in training, descending buildings while suspended with climbing gear and supported

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  • A decorated garden gnome designed by Elton John (R) is seen during media day at the Chelsea Flower Show. REUTERS/Stefan WermuthThe gnomes have demanded their rights.

    They're a beaten-down, mocked group of garden decorations, but gnomes will finally have the chance this year to assert their right to wear pointy hats and poke out from behind shrubbery. The Royal Horticultural Society in Britain has lifted a 100-year ban on gnomes at the annual Chelsea Flower Show.

    It was a tough century for gnomes, standing on the sidelines of the world's most prestigious flower show, which the royal family attends each year on opening day, according to the website. The media attributes the long ban to snobbery that dubbed gnomes too tacky for elegant garden displays, according to the Independent.

    Garden gnomes had a tumultuous history in Britain, rising and falling in popularity, according to Dr. Twigs Way, the author of Garden Gnomes: A History, who wrote a piece on Monday for the BBC.

    They've sold well recently but the upper crust of the horticultural world might not be ready to embrace colourful, gaudily decorated gnomes just

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  • Batman fan carves signal into his moustache

    Batman fan carves signal into his moustache. Photo courtesy of  http://i.imgur.com/JPfomYA.jpgThe Dark Knight has risen once again, not from the depths of his inner struggles, but from the scruff of this man's facial hair.

    Reddit user chrismusaf posted an image to Reddit of an image he described as his friend's new 'stache. It depicts a man with the Batman symbol carved into his dark hair.

    Holy moustache, Batman. Responses vary from compliments to suggestions that the facial hair is creepy.

    But could the new representative of the comic book facial hair movement beat the last incarnation of a Batman beard and moustache? It's time for an international competition.

    Naturally, the World Beard & Moustache Championships already exist, though the contestants appear to have moved far, far beyond carving bats into their hair. Still, most of these bearded fellows probably deserve to be superheroes for their hair-styling feats alone.

    In the race for ultimate Batman fandom, the Batstache enthusiasts fall behind Chris Weir, a superhero-lover so dedicated he built an elaborate, $150,000 Batcave

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  • Birds target street light, Hewlett-Packard staff?

    Red means stop, shadow means dove.

    Britain may have to redefine its street light signals after a dove nested within a light at Cuckoo Corner in Essex, England, according to the BBC. The light contains spike to deter birds from nesting but that hasn't stopped the dove from happily settling in under the light's warmth.

    A spokesperson from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds told the broadcaster the bird's chosen area has a park with plenty of grass and food nearby.

    This bird could be directing local traffic for a while.

    Meanwhile, the latest corporate threat to Hewlett-Packard isn't financial but fowl-related.

    The company is teaching employees at its Boise, Idaho, office how to avoid attacks by Canada geese, through a memo that has since been posted online by a Huffington Post writer.

    Geese aren't quite so majestic when they're hissing and attacking corporate employees. Worry not, the company has compiled extensive, if overly precautionary, advice to prevent any serious bird

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  • It took a cringe-worthy performance before an international audience, but Canadian singer-songwriter Alexis Normand has found fame — of a certain kind.

    The francophone jazz-folk artist from Saskatoon, Saskachewan, botched the American national anthem at the Memorial Cup game on Saturday, forgetting the lyrics as the audience shifted in their seats. Finally, the crowd came to her rescue, encouraging her by singing along.

    Normand tweeted after the event and told the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix that she was nervous and her mind simply went blank as she lifted the microphone to sing.

    As news outlets in the U.S. and Canada reported the fumbled performance, dubbing it the "Star-Mangled Banner" and saying she "murdered" the national anthem, she followed up with a tweet about her sudden popularity.

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  • From a pilot's hilarious message in the sky to an amazing camera that shows you what bugs see, we've seen some great videos this week. Here are some of our favourites:

    1. Skywriting pilot asks: 'How do I land?'

    Imagine looking up to see a pilot spelling out "How Do I Land?" with clouds in the sky. That's precisely what Los Angeles sky-gazers saw the other day. American comedian Kurt Braunohler raised nearly $7,000 through Kickstarter to turn the city's sky into a message board. The message may have only lasted briefly due to strong winds, but we say it was worth every cloud!

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    2. KFC smugglers deliver fast food the hard way

    Fried chicken-lovers in Gaza are ready to shell out $30 for illegal KFC meals. The crispy treats, purchased in Egypt, probably get cold by the time they are smuggled in through the tunnels, but that doesn't seem to deter Gaza residents. Could fried chicken be the real key to the much-needed peace in that land?

    [ Last week's

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  • Canadian employers, those pitiful-sounding coughs you've been hearing over the phone before the long weekend — as staff members say they're feeling just a little under the weather and they can't make it into work — might be as fake as they sound.

    More than half of Canadians, 54 per cent, have called into work sick when the only bug ailing them was the prospect of a long day at the office, according to a survey conducted by Angus Reid on behalf of the workforce management company Kronos.

    The survey, entitled "Sick or Tired?" found that most of those who feigned illness said they felt stressed. According to the survey, the provinces where the highest number of respondents admitted to faking were Manitoba and Ontario. Those were also the provinces where the vast majority, 83 per cent and 78 per cent, respectively, said they've lied because of burn out and stress.

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    Other reasons included caring for sick kids and a heavy

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