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    How would you feel about sitting backwards on a plane?

    Hexagonal-shaped chairs that fit together like a puzzle piece could be the answer to packing in up to 80 extra passengers on a typical Boeing 767, reports the L.A. Times. Zodiac Aerospace, a seat manufacturer for planes, recently released a new seating concept that may make you second-guess upgrading to business class. 

    Zodiac AerospaceZodiac Aerospace
    Zodiac AerospaceZodiac Aerospace

    The HD31 (or High Density at 31-inch spacing) project promises to increase seating capacity on planes by up to 15 per cent, while providing an extra four inches of legroom for each seat. The trick, an interlocking grid of super lightweight seats that flip up to allow passengers to enter and exit rows. 

    Though extra leg room sounds great, what about the idea of sitting backwards for an entire flight?


    There’s also the whole concept of personal space. 

    Social media has been lit up since Zodiac released the images with reactions ranging from evil and nightmarish to dehumanizing. And you thought economy class

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  • Teen killed while saving friend unintentionally completes bucket list

    #RememberingRebecca is being used to pay it forward in her honour

    Rebecca Townsend completed her bucket list when she died saving her friend. (Facebook/Monica Townsend)Rebecca Townsend completed her bucket list when she died saving her friend. (Facebook/Monica Townsend)

    A 17-year-old Connecticut teen was struck and killed by a car after she saved her friend’s life, tragically completing her bucket list from a high school assignment.

    In December of 2012, Rebecca Townsend was asked to write a letter to her future self for an assignment at Immaculate High School in Danbury, Conn.

    Townsend’s three wishes were to travel to Spain, to kiss in the rain, and to save a life.

    The letter was found by Townsend’s sisters in her bedroom, shortly after she passed away on July 2.

    Buzzfeed News reported that Townsend completed the first two items shortly after the list was written. She travelled to Spain with her family and kissed her boyfriend Niko in the rain.

    The third item was completed on her final night alive. The Danbury News-Times reported that Townsend and some friends spent the evening watching a local fireworks show.

    On the walk home, a car came flying towards them. Townsend shoved 17-year-old Benjamin Arne out of the way and was killed in the process.

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  • As the gaming world mourns Satoru Iwata, one message of tribute is making the rounds that offers solace from above to the Nintendo chief’s ardent fans.

    Since Iwata’s sudden passing was announced on Sunday, hundreds of messages of support have circulated across social networks. But one in particular has resonated with Tumblr users.

     The image looks like a screenshot of Iwata’s profile on Miiverse, the social network attached to the Wii platform. Alas, it doesn’t appear to be real; Iwata’s profile actually looks a lot like the message, but without the messages from the great beyond.

    But Iwata’s admirers don’t seen to mind that, and appear to be happy to pass around a message of optimism.


    The post is one of hundreds of tributes that have popped up on Tumblr since Iwata's untimely passing last weekend.

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  • Study shows living near trees could make you feel healthier

    Having 10 more trees on a city street significantly boosts your health perception

    Besides giving you the necessary oxygen, trees can also make you feel better and healthier.

    According to a new study published last week in Nature, researchers have discovered that living near trees results in healthier residents. It found that being surrounded by greenery improves air quality, creates less stress and gives people a healthier perception overall.

    The five-year study focused on city blocks in Toronto using three variables. The first was overall health, the second was cardio-metabolic conditions; such as hypertension, obesity, heart disease, and diabetes, and the third was mental health.  

    Researchers collected data on over 30,000 residents in Toronto through an online questionnaire. 

    The Greenspace map of the city of Toronto (Nature.com)The Greenspace map of the city of Toronto (Nature.com)

    Scientists found that having an average of 10 more trees on a city street significantly boosts your health perception.

    “[Having more trees] improves health perception in ways comparable to an increase in annual personal income of $10,000 and moving into a neighbourhood with $10,000 higher

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  • From Annie Nola's Facebook page.<h2 class=uiHeaderTitle style=font-size: 16px; color: #1e2d4c; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; outline: none; font-family: helvetica, arial, sans-serif; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; letter-spacing: normal; orphans: auto; text-align: left; text-indent: 0px; text-transform: none; white-space: normal; widows: 1; word-spacing: 0px; -webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px; background-color: #ffffff;> </h2>

    An irritated young mom recently decided to turn to social media after constantly getting asked the same questions about her twins. And the result is pretty hilarious.

    Annie Nolan of Melbourne, Australia is the mother of two-year-old twin girls, Delphine and Cheska. In a recent photo shared on her blog’s Facebook page, the twins are holding up some signs with answers to the most common questions their mother gets from strangers while out in public. The response Nolan received after posting the photo has been overwhelming, even leading to television appearances.

    From Annie Nola's Facebook page.From Annie Nola's Facebook page.

    One sign reads: “Yes, they are mine. Yes, they are twins. Yes, both are girls. No, not identical. Yes, I know they look alike though. Yes, I’m sure they aren’t identical.” The other sign reads: “Conceived by f***ing. Born via c-section. You have twins in your family? *great*. They don’t run in my family…until now. Yes, my hands are full (sometimes with two glasses of wine just to get through). Yes, triplets would be harder.” 

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  • Harry, the rescued Chow Chow before his tranformation.Harry, the rescued Chow Chow before his tranformation.A heavily neglected dog has been given a second chance at a happy life.

    The 4-year-old Chow Chow named Harry was discovered chained up in a backyard without any food or water and in despicable conditions by the Kansas City Animal Control, reports ABC News.

    He was then brought to the KC Pet Project, where he was cared for by the staff.

    On the shelter’s Facebook page, they wrote that they can’t “imagine the enormity of [his] suffering due to cruel neglect.”

    But despite his unkind past, the staff wrote he “has been so sweet and gentle with everyone.”

    Tori Fugate, of the adoption center, told ABC News that it was one of “the worst cases [they’ve] ever seen.”

    When Harry was first brought into the shelter, the staff started caring for him by shaving off five pounds of heavily matted fur for a whole two hours.

    After they got the pup all clean-cut, the staff began assessing his medical needs, discovering that he’s likely mostly blind.

    “He has scarred corneas from entropion, which is from when your

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  • It's hoped that new consent laws in New York and California will spread to other states.It's hoped that new consent laws in New York and California will spread to other states.
    We’ve all heard the phrase “no means no,” but now there’s a new phrase used to protect those who feel silenced: “yes means yes.”

    New York just passed a new law that contains a “yes means yes” definition of consent and states that on a college campuses there needs to be a clear, affirmative agreement between the parties before engaging in a sexual encounter, reports Syracuse.com.

    Titled, “Enough is Enough,” in Layman’s terms the legislation means that every touch and slip of the hand must be okayed.

    “A woman isn’t going to be made to feel guilty or complicit or fearful if she goes forward,” New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said at New York University. “We’re not going to allow the schools to cover it up anymore. Those days are over.”  

    The new law originally became a campus policy back in December after the State University of New York (SUNY) Board of Trustees formally approved it.

    “Affirmative consent is clear, unambiguous, knowing, informed and voluntary agreement between all

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  • Flowers from Fukushima disaster site posted by Twitter user san_kaido.Flowers from Fukushima disaster site posted by Twitter user san_kaido.

    Photos of flowers on Twitter and Instagram may be as commonplace as sunsets and selfies, but one Japanese amateur photographer has captured something a bit more unique than a beautiful bloom.

    Twitter user @san_kaido posted a photo of mutated yellow daisies last month, found in Nasushiobara City, around 70 miles from Fukushima, the site of the 2011 nuclear disaster.  The photos show daisies with fused yellow centres and with the petals growing out the side of the flower.

    The daisies are not the first deformed plants found after the disaster. In 2013, the Daily Mail posted photos of mutated vegetables and fruit, attributing the apparent abnormalities to high levels of radiation found in the groundwater.

    The daisy photos come four years after the Fukushima Daichii Nuclear Power Plant meltdown which was caused after a devastating earthquake and tsunami knocked out three of the plant’s nuclear reactors. 

    Earlier this month, The Telegraph reported that on Sept. 5, residents of Naraha,

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  • (Photo via Thinkstock)(Photo via Thinkstock)

    For decades, heavy metal music has been blamed by parents, politicians and religious groups for promoting moral and spiritual darkness in fans, but a new study suggests thre's nothing to be worried about. In fact, they're a pretty cheery bunch.

    The study, led by psychologist Tasha Howe from Humboldt State University, found that '80s "metalheads" were "significantly happier in their youth and better adjusted currently" than their peers and a group of current college students.

    Howe writes that "the metalhead identity served as a protective factor against negatives outcomes" according to the study published in the journal Self and Identity. The article, titled "Three Decades Later: The Life Experiences and Mid-Life functioning of 1980s Heavy Metal Groupies, Musicians and Fans," assessed over 377 adults: 154 who had been metal enthusiasts in the '80s, 80 of their peers who listened to other genres of music and 153 students at a California university. The participants answered various

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  • Fitness blogger shares domestic abuse confession video

    “No man has any right to put his hand on a woman, even once is unacceptable."

    (Facebook/Emma Murphy)(Facebook/Emma Murphy)

    Emma Murphy usually spends her days sharing daily fitness and nutrition tips with her Facebook followers, but her recent video is a shocking confession about her own life.

    Earlier this week, the 26-year-old from Dublin uploaded a video sharing her struggle with domestic violence in order to raise awareness. 

    In the video, Murphy is seen with a black eye and trying to hold back tears as she talks about falling victim to an abusive relationship. The mother of two has been in a three-and-a-half year marriage with a guy she thought “was the love of my life.”

    “I thought long and hard before posting this video, this is very difficult for me but I have to do what is right,” Murphy wrote on her Facebook page. “Please share this video to inspire other woman around the world, violence is not the answer!”

    In the video, the mother tells her followers about when the abuse started and how she tried to forgive him before eventually leaving the relationship.

    Last year, she found out that her husband

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