• A rather unusual video showing the ground appearing to breathe heavily in a Canadian forest is causing quite the stir online.

    Last month, Brian Nuttall was out for walk on a windy day in Apple River, Nova Scotia, when he noticed the mossy ground of the forest rising and falling, SkyNews reports.

    In the video posted on Facebook, the ground appears to be heaving in and out, in perfect rhythm with the blowing wind.

    The video has stirred a lot of speculation online as to what may be causing this. 

    One Facebook user comments that it’s fake, a “photo shop of some sort.” Another user thought that perhaps “water may have been flowing under it.”

    Although the “breathing" ground is a phenomenon, what’s really going on is quite simple.

    Tree roots under the ground have detached themselves from their moorings, according to CBC News. As the trees are caught by the wind, the roots underneath heave, making the ground appear to breathe.

    “The punishing prevailing winds have taken their toll on the side

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  • Popular South Korean YouTube user bobaepapa posted another cuter-than-words video, this one featuring his daughters, who was in the midst of a slight temper tantrum.

    Her name is Yeseo, and after a little bit of struggle while trying to show dad she means business, her mood quickly brightens as she bounces around in her squeaky shoes.

    If you can’t even, we don’t blame you at all. 

    Yeseo and her older sister Yerin are the stars of their fathers YouTube channel, and you may remember Yerin from the popular meme when she embodied every one of us on Monday morning.

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  • Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last couple of days, you’ve likely heard about the unfortunate ‘Starbucks hates Jesus’ crusade of former pastor and self-proclaimed social media personality Joshua Feuerstein. The angry fellow made the unfortunate decision to appear on CNN to discuss his ideas on Monday. 

    The whole kerfuffle is about Starbucks’ new holiday cup. It’s plain red, forgoing the snowflakes and Christmas trees that have graced the design in previous years.

    Feuerstein posted a Facebook video rant condemning the cups as anti-Christian and anti-Christmas, and encouraged viewers to give “Merry Christmas” as their name to baristas. The idea, it would seem, is to get baristas to write “Merry Christmas” on the cup, putting the Christ back into your egg nog latte.

    The video has since received more than 14 million views, and so, like any slightly nutty Internet sensation, Feuerstein appeared on CNN to talk about his ideas. Appearing opposite him and representing all that is

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  • It’s 2015 and we don’t have proper hoverboards or flying cars, but the folks at Jetpack Aviation have made progress in portable, personal flight technology.

    The JB-9 jetpack made its public debut in New York, hovering hundreds of feet in the air, propelled by jet turbine engines.


    The company's YouTube video of the flight was posted last week and has more than 400,000 views.

    “I’ve been flying it off the public radar for some time,” Jetpack Aviation CEO David Mayman told GizMag, “It was time to bring it out of the closet, so to speak.”

    This isn’t the first attempt at jetpacks, one notable effort was the Bell Rocket Belt from the 1960s, which is similar in concept to the jet-propelled pack used in the 1984 Olympics opening ceremony in Los Angeles.

    Those packs would get the user airborne, but the controls were cumbersome and you could only manage up to 30 seconds of flight with the necessary expensive fuel, according to GizMag.

    The JB-9 is unique in its ability to achieve unassisted

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  • A video showing a McDonald’s drive-thru employee teasing a homeless man with a burger before throwing water on him is provoking calls on social media for the worker to be fired.

    The cruel prank was filmed by a Detroit resident who was going through a local drive-thru and was posted to LiveLeak on Nov. 6.

    “Hey Willy, come here, you want a sandwich? Come on, I’m about to give you a sandwich,” yells the employee through the drive-thru window, egging the man on to approach the window. 

    As seen in the video, the employee extends the sandwich out as if to hand it to the man, and then when he goes to reach for the burger, the employee

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  • (Facebook/Martin Bokesch)(Facebook/Martin Bokesch)

    A British Columbia man has taken to social media in hopes of reuniting four World War II medals with their rightful owner.

    Martin Bokesch from Vernon, B.C., recently posted a Facebook plea along with two photos of the Canadian veteran medals.

    “Please, as a tribute to those that fought and served, lets find the owner,” Bokesch wrote. “Share the heck out of this please!”

    The post has been shared more than 37,000 times.

    “It’s gotten way beyond what I ever imagined it would do,” Bokesch told CTV News.

    The medals were found by his wife when she was cleaning an old desk she’d bought at a furniture dealer in Montreal, according to Bokesch’s post.

    The box containing the medals was addressed to Dorothy I. Priest of Timmins, Ontario, and the name J. Nicholls is handwritten across the centre. 

    Bokesch reached out to the Royal Canadian Legion but they couldn’t help him because “they do not have a database that can be searched,” he wrote. 

    He then contacted the Department of Veterans Affairs but

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  • A Florida police officer is nursing a shameful hangover after reports he showed up at a Mother’s Against Drunk Driving conference totally wasted.

    Officer Michael Szeliga was set to be presented with an honour from the non-profit at their Fort Lauderdale conference in July. The award, ironically, was for making more than 100 DUI arrests on patrol. He was also expected to attend two days of DUI law enforcement training, but boozing seemed to have gotten in the way.

    According to a Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office internal affairs investigation, obtained by WFLA, Szeliga arrived to the ceremony too drunk to walk. When a police chief confronted him, instructing that he stay away from the 200-person banquet, Szeliga allegedly hurled “disrespectful” comments at him.

    Apparently, his binge had started earlier in the day, when Szeliga decided to forgo DUI enforcement training. He had attended a session in the morning but left to drink a few coke and whiskey cocktails and spend time at the

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  • (Photo: Rumblr)(Photo: Rumblr)
    If you’ve ever looked at someone’s face and decided you wanted to punch it you might be in luck, albeit also have serious anger issues.

    A beta version of a new app called Rumblr is slated to hit the market on Monday.

    The app bills itself as a resource “for recreational fighters to find, meet, and fight other brawl enthusiasts nearby.”

    Don’t actually want to get roughed up yourself?

    The app also lets you browse and attend fights other users have set up.

    Rumblr, described as “Tinder for fighting,” pulls up another user’s profile picture and gives you the option to fight or pass.

    If both contenders decide to spar, users move on to the verbal rounds where you can trash talk your potential opponent before scheduling the fight or dropping out.

    As mentioned, there’s also a browsing option where you can search a map for fist icons. That’s where a fight is already scheduled and you can go and stand in someone else’s corner.

    More than 78,000 people have already registered for beta access to the

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  • There are some weirdly themed restaurants out there, but a new eatery in Moscow might take the cake. 

    Complete with toilets for chairs, urinal shaped bowls and a ‘poop-art’ décor, Crazy Toilet Café in Russia’s capital says it will likely cater more towards one-off diners looking for a novelty meal rather than repeat clientele, according to the Guardian.

    “We think people will walk past, think ‘what on Earth is that?’ and then come in to check it out,” general manager Inga Yaroslavskaya told the paper. “It’s not everywhere you can eat good food from a toilet bowl and drink from a urinal at very reasonable prices.”

    If you’re thinking the lavatory theme must end with the decorations, think again.

    There’s reportedly a three course lunch meal consisting of a ‘brown and creamy’ mushroom soup served in a toilet bowl, ‘swirled sausage and three piles of steaming mashed potatoes’, and, of course, chocolate pudding for desert.

    All for just $30CAD.

    The idea isn’t actually as unique as you might

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  • An American tourist had a terrifying encounter with a great white shark when it sped up and bit into the cage he was diving in.

    Spencer Riley was on his honeymoon, cage diving off the coast of Gansbaai in South Africa, when he filmed the shark ramming into their cage, The Sidney Morning Herald reports.

    “That should not have happened really, they don’t like the shark to get too close to the cage but there was low visibility and the shark came at the bait extremely fast,” Riley told 9News.

    In the video, the great white shark is seen chasing a string of bait. It then comes out of nowhere at high speed and locks its teeth around the cage’s bar, almost touching the divers inside.

    “Holy s**t!” one of the divers is heard saying just before the shark swims away.

    Riley and the other divers are heard laughing as they come up to the surface of the water after their heart stopping ordeal. 

    “It was not too scary because it happened so fast, and then it was pretty exhilarating,” Riley told 9News.

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