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  • Newspaper reporter named worst job in United States

    Newspaper reporter earned the number 200 position — landing below lumberjack.Now taking bets for the worst job in America. Any takers?

    If you bet sewage plant operator, funeral director or dishwasher, you lose this round. No, even military generals and maids have a better balance of work environment, stress and hiring outlook than the job that sunk to the bottom of this year's Career Cast rankings with a clunk.

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    Newspaper reporter earned the number 200 position — landing below lumberjack — due to the company's assessment that print journalists suffer from high stress and a difficult work environment. Not to mention the ranking for their chance at a promising career future falls into the negatives.

    Career Cast lists the average income of US newspaper reporters at $35,275, considerably less than the higher-ranked job of photojournalist. However, photojournalists still fall near the bottom of the job list at slot number 188, slightly behind radio and television broadcasters.

    The best job in

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  • Absurd as it sounds, when news that the two men had been arrested on terrorism charges, many reacted on Twitter with jokes.Terrorism in the country of maple syrup and beavers? How quaint.

    Absurd as it sounds, when news that two men had been arrested in Canada on charges connected with a plot to derail a passenger train near Toronto, according to the Canadian Press, many reacted on Twitter with jokes.

    Chiheb Esseghaier and Raed Jaser were scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday morning on charges of conspiracy to murder in connection with a terrorist group, CP reported.

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    While friendly-Canadian stereotypes might be amusing for tourist tales, it's unnerving that terrorism could evoke such a lighthearted reaction. From jokes about Céline Dion to the film Argo, even Fox News joined in with the handful of people who were apparently under the impression that when violence is threatened in Canada, it's good for a hearty laugh.

    Shepard Smith, a Fox anchor, introduced a press conference about the story by mocking the police

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  • Have you ever plunked down a significant chunk of cash to ship a fragile, valuable item, perhaps an item of great sentimental value, only to have it arrive at its destination looking like the postal service used it to play a game of pickup rugby?

    It’s one of those life situations that makes you grow as a person because you recognize that, while unjust, there’s not much you can do about it. Also, it figures pretty low on the hierarchy of global calamities. Like, maybe even in the negative integers.

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    But what if you could plant a hidden camera to record the package’s journey from start to finish?

    One enterprising London designer decided to do just that. Ruben van der Vleuten stuck a small camera in a box, cut a tiny hole to allow it to see, and mailed the box to himself.

    As Popsci notes, he programmed the camera with a controller to grab three-second video intervals every minute and longer recordings whenever

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  • Cute robots film a documentary about humans

    Robots are filming a documentary of a strange, mysterious race known as humans.

    The adorable, cubic robots hope to uncover such secrets as who we love most in the world and what's the worst thing we've ever done.

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    The robots were created by Alex Reben as part of a master's thesis at MIT, according to Wired. Reben and Brent Hoff, a filmmaker, say they will use them to create the first ever documentary directed and filmed by robots.

    In the video above, Hoff says they are testing the theory that people think of robots in human terms, meaning they are willing to open up to them and even share secrets.

    A preview for the project, which is called BlabDroid, suggests people are certainly willing to chat with a cute robot that speaks in a child's voice.

    "My documentary is about human-robot relationships. Do you think they are possible?" says the little voice.

    The responses are largely affirmative.

    Wired reports the filmmakers

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  • Let's roll a huge spliff this year, dude. The cops won't care.

    Students at the University of California campus in Santa Cruz increased their 4/20 celebrations to enormous proportions over the weekend, judging by this photo and videos of a police officer walking away with what looks like a joint that's wider than his body.

    Video shows students gathered in a field on April 20, a day associated with marijuana. Smoke billows up toward the trees. Surely, those rolling the large joint thought the whole affair was very inconspicuous.

    They went so far as to set up a booth at the pot-smoking party to unveil the joint, which weighed two pounds, according to the video description.

    The New York Times reported in December that pot smoking is widespread and often ignored by authorities in California, even though it's still illegal to possess marijuana for recreation.

    The state's lieutenant governor, Gavin Newsom, told the newspaper he knew a "shocking" number of community leaders who smoked the

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  • Tongue-in-cheek feud erupts over world’s smallest parks

    A tiny bazooka-wielding army figure crouches behind a rock deep in the flowers and foliage of Mill Ends Park in Portland, Ore., Thursday, April 11, 2013.
    My park is smaller than your park. So there.

    Those words, complete with a figurative tongue sticking out, are the essence of an international feud between residents of Portland, Oregon and Lichfield, England that has locals, media — even government — taking sides.

    The places have one thing in common: a tiny, beloved park. Each has vowed to defend its green space as the rightful holder of the Guinness record for the world's smallest park, come war or online insults, the Associated Press reports in its account of the how the playful dispute unfolded.

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    Mill Ends Park in Portland, which consists of a 2-foot-wide planter with flowers and a tree, holds the current world record, according to the Oregon Encyclopedia. The 'park' was built to hold a traffic light, but it earned its greenery when a local newspaper columnist, Dick Fagan, planted flowers in the concrete hole and concocted a tale about a leprechaun

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  • Police in Auckland, New Zealand, had some sweet helpers in their latest search for a car burglar — a marching trail of Gummy Bears.

    According to the Fairfax NZ News, a woman called police in the morning on Friday to report someone had broken into her car. But when officers arrived, they found nothing had been stolen but a package of the jelly candies.

    Police followed the trail of Gummy Bears straight to their suspect, who was asleep surrounded by his loot, apparently drunk, according to the story. The story says he was charged for damaging the car and for theft.

    Canadians know firsthand that when a snack craving hits, the situation can get out of hand. The story of a high-profile BBQ chip theft by drunken students in Saanich, B.C., went viral online last year. Even the police officer at the press conference couldn't stifle his laughter for long.

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    More recently, however, a 38-year-old thief in Hamilton, Ont., decided not to fall into

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  • Orange kitty loves the vacuum cleaner

    You won't find this orange kitty hiding under the bed when it's time to vacuum. The cat is a suction junky.

    A video posted this week of a curious cat repeatedly licking a vacuum nozzle has already been viewed nearly 675,000 times, perhaps because the audience is just as perplexed as the cat.

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    We've seen cats who can appreciate the value of a vacuuming before, such as this one, named BoBo, and this overweight, deaf cat, getting her loose hairs sucked away.

    But the vacuum has this orange cat in a trance.

    Even after the cat's face gets suctioned to the opening, it looks up as though in shock, then returns promptly to licking.

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    Social media users, true to form, ate up the video faster than the cat could lick up all that moving air.

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  • The world’s oldest person, Jiroemon Kimura, just rang in his 116th birthday with a big celebration (but not too big a celebration because… 116).
    For those glued to their laptops or TV screens in need a little levity here’s a two-minute dose of something nice.

    The world’s oldest person, Jiroemon Kimura, just rang in his 116th birthday with a big
    celebration (but not too big a celebration because… 116).

    As Reuters reports, Kimura catapulted very, very gently to the top of the age charts this past December after previous title holder, Dina Manfredini of Iowa, shuffled off to the great bingo hall in the sky.

    Surrounded by family and friends, the resident of Kyotango, a city in the Kyoto prefecture of Japan accepted the good wishes of impressed people from around the world.

    "I truly congratulate you on your 116th birthday," Japanese Prime Minister Shenzo Abe expressed in a video message.

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    "I'm 58 years old, still a young man at only half your age. Thanks to your generation's efforts, Japan could overcome several difficult times and achieve the prosperity we

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  • Must-see videos of the week – April 19

    From an orangutan pretending to be a person to people getting stuck in sticky situations, we've seen some great videos this week. Here are our favourites:

    1. Orangutan steals tourist's shirt

    We're not sure if this orangutan was cold or just wanted to act more human, but either way it made one tourist pay for getting to close to the cage. Somehow the orangutan at a zoo in the Philippines got its hand on the man's shirt, ripped it right off of him, put it on and started parading around the cage on its hind legs.

    2. Best Walmart greeter ever

    It's always nice to shop somewhere where people like their job and that may just be what keeps people coming back to one Walmart. Well...that and the low prices. Mr. Willy says hello and goodbye to people as they walk in and out of the Walmart, but he does so much more than that. He says most people want a "Bam." And when everyone walks by him they know what that means. They put up a fist and Mr. Willy knocks it with his fist while

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