Armageddon, world’s strongest beer is more potent than whiskey

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Are you a fan of knocking back a few brewskies at dinner or during a game?

The budget conscious among you may rejoice, as a new beer called Armageddon will end your days of having to consume more than one beverage per event.

With an alcohol content of 65 per cent, the offering from Scotland's liberal-handed Brewmeister Brewery contains more throat-burning fire than whisky and has inspired company owners to label it the "world's strongest beer" despite the lack official certification from the folks at Guinness — the Records people, of course. It's doubtful their competition would give that up so easily.

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CBS notes that the beer is made from wheat, crystal malt, flaked oats, and a base of "100% Scottish spring water," the combination of which is then frozen while it's brewing in order to extract maximum alcohol capacity.

That works by removing the part that freezes (the water) and retaining more of the part that doesn't (the alcohol).

At 65 per cent, you'd have to drink an entire 12-pack of Heineken to get a similar effect.

Company co-founder, Lewis Shand, told Oddity Central his beer "delivers a supersonic-charged explosion and delivers the drinker to Drunksville," a place he'd like to take consumers when Armageddon gets launched in November at the Inverness Beer Festival.

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If you can't wait that long, you can take the anticipatory edge off with a glass of Everclear, a grain alcohol that runs up to 190 proof (or 95 per cent alcohol) and could probably double as a wound cleanser in your bathroom cabinet.

And just in time for Halloween, grab a stack of Edgar Allan Poe stories, a sugar cube and a slotted spoon for a little absinthe happy hour. Once erroneously labeled a hallucinogenic, the spirit, which ranges from 45 to 74 per cent alcohol content, has enjoyed a late resurgence among culturally refined drinking crowds.

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