B.C. bus driver ejects family while another locks doors with passengers still aboard

Jordana Divon
Contributing Writer
Daily Buzz

Yes, there are times when you wish the squalling infant who shrieks for the entire duration of a nine-hour flight had been born with slightly less endurance.

And the toddler who thinks that kicking the back of your bus seat is the most fun game he's ever invented can make rush hour public transit an even more trying experience.

The desire to travel in peace can lead to all sorts of child-free transportation fantasies.

But a bus driver in Victoria, BC is being accused of taking matters a little too far after he unceremoniously ejected a mother and her three children from a city bus on Tuesday.

As the Toronto Star reports, the bus driver was reportedly irritated by the noise the family was making and asked the mother to quiet down, even though a fellow passenger said the noise was not "disruptive" at all.

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"He finally said, 'you can get off the bus . . . this if your stop, you're going to get off' and kicked her off the bus with her three children," Karita Del Moral told the paper, adding that the woman exited the vehicle in tears.

A B.C. Transit spokesperson said the matter is currently under investigation after the woman filed a formal complaint.

Compare that to a Kamloops bus driver who seemed reluctant to part with his passengers at all.

A YouTube video entitled "Transit Driver Kidnaps Passengers" shows a male and female passenger engaged in a shouting match with a driver for refusing to let them off the bus.

The incident began, according to video uploader TrueLiesCanada, when the driver missed several stops along his route.

"The bus driver blew through a couple stops and when confronted he said the young lady in the back was angry at him a couple weeks ago. (Apparently for missing her stop). Par for the course for a driver or so I would have imagined," reads the video intro.

"But not only after refusing the stops today, the bus driver then parks the bus at the TRU Exchange, locks the doors. Holding myself and the lady against our will, and delaying us even more."

Thanks to the attention garnered by the video, the bus driver has been suspended pending further investigation.

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"Management here at B.C. Transit has watched the YouTube video and we're very concerned with what we see and hear," spokesperson Meribeth Burton told Kamloops Daily News.

"There is a high degree of professionalism that we expect at all times… regardless of the challenging situations they might encounter each day."

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