Baby giraffe stands for the first time, looks for a new name

There's a new addition to the LEO Zoological Conservation Center in Connecticut, and she's eager to get on her feet.

It was a wobbly start, what with her long neck and spindly legs, but within 30 minutes of being born, this baby giraffe was standing on her own.

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The rare Rothschild giraffe was born on March 22 to her mother, 6-year-old Petal, according to an announcement from the conservation centre. She's the first giraffe born at the centre. But she still lacks a name.

Save this baby giraffe from the awful suggestions offered by NBC's Today Show anchors, including 'Cujo,' 'Muffy,' and 'ZZ', and respond with better names to LEO's call for submissions, ending March 29.

Those who are less squeamish can watch the baby giraffe's birth in a two-minute YouTube video. The birth announcement says that after about 15 months of gestation, giraffes give birth while standing up.

The centre called the birth a milestone because Rothschild giraffes, which live in Western Kenya and eastern Uganda, are endangered. There are fewer than 670 left in the wild today, according to a conservation effort called the Rothschild's Giraffe Project.

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The unnamed baby could grow up to 18 feet tall, according to the centre's website, meaning names like 'shorty,' and 'tiny' probably aren't your best bets for suggestions.