Batman, Spider-Man fight in epic battle on Toronto subway

The two superheroes happened to be on the same TTC train and decided to figure out who is stronger

If you've ever wondered who's a better masked vigilante, Batman or Spider-Man, you may be closer to your answer.

The two characters who you would most likely never see in the same scene went at it on a Toronto subway car Monday night. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it was directed by Christopher Nolan and wasn't the action-packed fight we may expect, but it was still rather amusing.

The two costumed performers just happened to hop on the same train and engaged in an impromptu battle in front of some passengers who didn't seem to be too interested in the epic battle.

It was all captured on film by YouTube user HiMY SYeD.

"There's a commotion a few cars north of where I'm sitting," recounted SYed in an email to CBC. "The commotion was Spidey and the Toronto Batman, the two fixtures who pose for photographs via donations around Yonge-Dundas Square."

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The heroes start off with some banter criticizing each other and then appear to compete in a feat of strength with both seeing how many chin ups they could do on the handrails.

Then the two start actually fighting as people pull out their phones to start filming video and taking pictures.

"Batman or Bat bitch that's what I want to know," says Spider-Man.

"I have a PhD in whooping ass," says Batman.

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The video ends with the two walking off the subway at Osgoode Station, with Spider-Man apparently winning this round.

This isn't the first time Toronto Batman has been out making a commotion in Toronto.

In February, filmmakers initially set out to film a "S!*& _____ Says" video using a person dressed up as Batman, but ended up filming a much funnier video called "Batman's Night Out." Batman wandered around Toronto yelling famous lines from The Dark Knight at random people and riding the subway.

SYeD wrote, "It did leave me with [a] smile and a feeling that I got my full token's worth of a ride on the TTC."