Best April Fools’ Day pranks of 2012

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The day to prank your loved ones into a state of confusion is here. Every year, a few April Fools' Day gems become prank classics. Remember last year's Hundstol Dog Highchair supposedly designed by IKEA to meet growing pet furniture needs? Let's take a look at this year's stunts.

* BBC, supposedly, reports that the Earth has exploded, killing everyone.

* Google Maps goes epic with its new 8-bit 'Quest' look. Look for the little monsters on a street near you.

* Kargo Kids: WestJet introduces kid-free cabins — leave the young ones in the "special VIP" cargo hold section of the plane. Your kids will, surely, love the baggage belt ride!

* Conan O'Brien buys to revolutionize the internet. "You could have done it too, it's really that inexpensive [$3,500]," he says in this video.

* Get the "complete YouTube experience" with all of the videos ever uploaded in one DVD set. Your order will be delivered by a fleet of 175 trucks or pack mules.

* British billionaire Richard Branson announces plans to reach the center of the Earth, right into the lava core with Virgin Volcanic.

* Chrome Multitask Mode offers users a chance to operate multiple cursors at the same time, just hold one in each hand.

*Pierre P. Dalek, originally of the planet Skaro, orchestrated those scandalous 'robocalls,' the Huffington Post reports.

* BMW now builds personal fitness coaches: your BMW can follow you "at a safe distance" while you jog. It can even yell: "Keep it moving, fatty!" Just try to escape it.

* This IKEA product recall.

Feel free to share other 2012 prank hits in the comments below.

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