The best of this year’s Black Friday fights at U.S. Walmart stores

Jordan Chittley
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The new Thanksgiving tradition: Give thanks, then try to kill each other at a mall

U.S. Thanksgiving weekend has to have a few things — lots of food, a parade with massive floats, football, a dog show and some amazing deals.

So after the first four things are complete, it's time to go see how cheap a flat-screen TV can be. Unfortunately, the best deals go those who are there first and are most aggressive, and this sometimes leads to altercations. So in case you weren't brave enough to drive across the border to hit a Walmart for bargains, a number of YouTube users have filmed what you missed out on. Here's a selection of some of the best videos of what Gawker describes as "Walmart shoppers tearing at store displays like lions shredding an antelope."

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Here we see Walmart shoppers push and shove for Xbox games that all seem to be in a giant box:

In this video, which is actually two videos, they violently push each other to get phones. It's as if someone yelled "fire" in a crowded theatre and then locked the only exit:

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In this video, which you will have to tilt your head sideways to see, shoppers take swings at each other to nab a 12-volt convertible car:

Here we see a bunch of ladies going crazy over cheap towels. At one point someone even yells what we're all thinking: "They are just towels!"

One guy even thinks it's a sport and brings his kids along saying, "We're about to watch all these people get in a crazy fight." Something tells me the kids weren't disappointed.

Well, one person in the toy convertible car video sums it up well saying, "That's Walmart Black Friday for you, son."

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