Birds target street light, Hewlett-Packard staff?

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily BuzzMay 20, 2013

Red means stop, shadow means dove.

Britain may have to redefine its street light signals after a dove nested within a light at Cuckoo Corner in Essex, England, according to the BBC. The light contains spike to deter birds from nesting but that hasn't stopped the dove from happily settling in under the light's warmth.

A spokesperson from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds told the broadcaster the bird's chosen area has a park with plenty of grass and food nearby.

This bird could be directing local traffic for a while.

Meanwhile, the latest corporate threat to Hewlett-Packard isn't financial but fowl-related.

The company is teaching employees at its Boise, Idaho, office how to avoid attacks by Canada geese, through a memo that has since been posted online by a Huffington Post writer.

Geese aren't quite so majestic when they're hissing and attacking corporate employees. Worry not, the company has compiled extensive, if overly precautionary, advice to prevent any serious bird injuries. The first rule: always maintain direct eye contact with your enemy goose.

Never turn your back or shoulders away from the hostile goose, and never close or squint your eyes or block your eyes with a purse or briefcase.

The dangers of co-existing with geese don't stop at attacks. Hewlett-Packard employees are also warned in the memo to be careful not to slip in goose feces and wash off their cars if geese decide to use them as beds.

Next, the geese will start scrawling terrifying messages on the windshields of their chosen victims.

Beware, humans.

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