Boston bombing’s youngest victim, Martin Richard, shares hope for peace in photo

Daily Buzz

Eight-year-old Martin Richard, the first of three victims in yesterday’s Boston Marathon attack to be identified, hoped for a world where what happened to him wouldn’t happen to anyone, ever.

An image of Martin was posted to Lucia Brawley’s Facebook page earlier today, showing the little boy holding up a poster he had made in class:

This is Martin, 8. He died in the Boston bombing yesterday. He was at the finish line with his family, waiting for his dad to cross. His mother and little sister were catastrophically injured. He was the student of our dear friend, Rachel Moo. His message resonates powerfully today. My prayer is that we all live by Martin's words, paying tribute to his too-brief, but immeasurably valuable life by following his example. reports that the poster was prepared for a march at Dorchester City Hall last May, when Rachel Moo’s second-grade class at Neighborhood House Charter School prepared posters for a “stop the violence” rally.

At the time of writing (about three hours after Brawley initially posted the image), it has been shared over 16,000 times. George Takei, who has a very prominent presence on Facebook, also shared the photo, garnering another 35,000 shares on the image in about an hour.

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According to The Huffington Post, his six-year-old sister, Jane, lost her leg in the attack, and his mother remains critically injured in hospital.

Martin is being remembered by family, friends and neighbours as they and all others affected wait to hear more news about the other victims of the tragedy.