British court tells nagging wife to keep quiet for 5 years

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

A U.K. woman has been served an Anti-Social Behaviour Order after keeping her neighbours up for three years by constantly yelling at her husband, according to the Telegraph.

Julie Griffiths of Staffordshire appeared in court yesterday to face 47 breaches of a previous noise disturbance order. Griffiths regularly berated her husband so loudly it disturbed several  nearby residents, the court heard.

Authorities installed equipment to monitor noise levels, according to the report, and found that her bellowing reached well beyond the walls of her home. She's been fined £500 ($805 Canadian dollars) for failing to quiet down in the past.

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Griffiths is a factory worker who often spends 12 hours at a time on the job, according to the report. Her lawyer said she gets stressed and vents her frustration by yelling.

The court imposed an Anti-Social Behaviour Order for five-years. Griffiths needs to avoid doing anything that could disturb her neighbours during that time, mainly nagging too loudly. She could go to jail for five years and fined another £500 for breaching the order, according to the Telegraph.

In case any Canadians are planning to lobby for the law here, anti-social behaviour in this sense doesn't apply to your rude coworker in the next cubicle, unfortunately.

Orders are given for minor acts of disturbance in the U.K., such as theft, drunkenness, and intimidating community members, according to the BBC. They're only used for neighbourly disputes in "exceptional circumstances," the BBC reported.

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Griffiths must have had a lot of steam to blow off. Or maybe her husband just nags more quietly.