British man arrested for punching Darth Vader’s wife

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A British man has been accused of punching Darth Vader's wife in the face.

Of course, the Mr. Vader in question is not the fictional Star Wars villain — or even the actor who played him — but rather a Walsall, UK bouncer who legally changed his name from Mark Nokes to honour the release of the Phantom Menace in 1999.

The alleged puncher is fellow bouncer (and apparent science fiction hater) Ikbal Hare. According to the Birmingham Mail, Hare believed Mr. Vader had been visiting the dark side with the 35-year-old man's girlfriend, Kerry Campbell.

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The paper states that Hare confronted Vader over his suspected infidelity. But after Hare geared up to take a swing at his nemesis, he missed and landed a blow to Mrs. Vader cheek when she tried to intervene.

He was also believed to be carrying a knife.

The antithesis of Luke Skywalker then fled, according to prosecutors, and despite a movie-worthy chase scene managed to evade his pursuers.

In an ending also fit for the big screen, Hare was arrested two days later at his girlfriend's place, a spot where he must have imagined no one would think of looking.

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He pleaded guilty to charges of possessing a bladed article and disorderly behaviour and must attend anger management courses during his 18-month probation.

Meanwhile, Mr. Vader will continue to make international headlines for nearly everything he does simply because his name is Darth Vader.

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