British man sets fire to home trying to microwave underwear

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz

The Dorset Fire and Rescue Service is now suggesting proper ways to dry clothes and prevent future incidents

Everyone who has destroyed a good plate by putting in the microwave knows there are certain items that aren't safe in the kitchen appliance. Tin foil definitely is one of those things and, as one British man found out, so are socks and underwear.

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Firefighters in Dorset say they rescued a man and saved his apartment from destruction after he tried to dry his wet socks and boxers in a microwave oven.

The fire destroyed the microwave, socks and underwear, plus caused smoke damage to the apartment in Weymouth, a town on the coast of the south of England.

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"The fire safety message here is to never put clothing of any kind in the microwave or an oven to attempt to dry them," the Dorset firefighters said in a statement.

The department also put out a rather hilarious rhyming public service announcement on Twitter.

We're not exactly sure what happened in this man's apartment, but we're guessing it was something like this YouTube video — only much worse.

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