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British woman wakes up from coma to rediscover she’s pregnant

Gemma Holmes A British woman who awoke from a coma three months pregnant, though with no memory of her recent past, is telling the story of how she and her baby survived against the odds.

Gemma Holmes didn't remember the relationship that lead to her pregnancy when she woke up after a car crash last year, according to Opposing Views.

"When I woke up and I was told I was pregnant I remember thinking, 'What? How did that happen?'" she told SWNS.com.

Holmes had fallen into a coma after a motorized scooter crash that broke her back and she was suffering from amnesia that erased her memory of the previous three years, according to SWNS.com.

She couldn't walk, and doctors couldn't perform the back surgery she needed because of the baby growing inside of her, but she decided to keep the child anyway. SWNS.com reported she had broken up with the baby's father just before the crash.

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Holmes gave birth to her baby boy, Ruben Miracle Holmes, in May, according to Opposing Views, and doctors said she could have back surgery six months later.

On Friday, Holmes appeared on the television show This Morning, presented by ITV, to tell the story of how her accident, and the risks she took following, brought her the child to whom she gave the middle name 'Miracle.'

In July, doctors performed an emergency cesarean section on a car crash victim in Manchester, England, who had suffered a severed artery near her heart and had little chance of surviving. But the woman lived to meet her newborn baby boy.

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