Building eco-friendly houses that resemble Hobbit-like homes

Building eco-friendly houses that resemble Hobbit-like homes

Imagine living in a house that looks like it was inspired by the Hobbit homes from the ‘Lord of the Rings.’

A company in Florida called Green Magic Homes just made it possible.

It has produced pre-fabricated homes that are not only eco-friendly but the best part is that you can be assemble the parts in three days and actually live in the house.

According to their website, the company used fibre reinforced polymer components to design the homes.

The outer layer of the house is covered with grass, allowing homeowners to grow their own fruits and vegetables on the roofs.

The eco-friendly homes are also made suitable for both cold and hot climates with weather resistant materials.

The Florida-based company offers a few different designs. The smallest option, for example, is a one-bedroom home, which measures about 400 square feet.

The cost for one of these homes is $34.74 per square foot, not including extra shipping costs, ABC News reports.