Bulldog loves the blues

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

Winston the bulldog is deaf but that hasn't reduced his deep appreciation for the blues.

At least the way he grooves to the music in this YouTube clip suggests the dog is feeling the music, even if he can't hear it. The description says 2-year-old Winston loves to scoot.

The video has been seen about 28,000 times since it was uploaded on Jan. 1. Most of those hits were from yesterday when the video started to circulate the web widely.

The dog rocks back and forth and bobs his head to the music. Some have suggested the dog can feel the guitar's vibrations.

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YouTube comments suggested the dog was just itchy or ill but the user who posted the video, Jamynne Bowles, responded her pet is perfectly healthy, he just likes to scoot.

And who would cramp the style of a groovin' dog like Winston?