Burger King admits burgers contained traces of horse meat

Burger King has ended its relationship with British meat supplier Silvercrest Foods.

UK residents are saying "neigh" to Burger King after the fast-food chain finally admitted its products might have contained horse meat.

In a winding and evasive apology, Burger King said samples from its British supplier, Silvercrest Foods, showed a wee bit of "equine DNA." So, horse meat.

But the restaurant chain wants you to know that the meat they tested from actual Burger King restaurants contained no horse meat and the contaminated product from the supplier's plant wasn't sold to their restaurants. The bad burgers went to those other guys ... promise.

Nonetheless, Burger King said it was ending ties with Silvercrest Foods.


Horse Meat in Burgers?

At the same time, British supermarket giant Tesco has also apologized after discovering traces of horse meat in its burgers. The company removed 10 million burgers from shelves after finding traces that didn't belong in beef burgers, including one patty composed of 29 per cent horse.

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While some cultures eat horse meat regularly, many Brits admit the prospect of eating Black Beauty horrifies them.

Meanwhile, a Toronto restaurant is preparing to put horse meat back on the menu, according to the Toronto Star. La Palette removed horse from its tables in 2011 out of concern the meat might not be safe because the U.S. wasn't funding proper inspections at horse slaughterhouses.

The U.S. is now permitting funding for horse meat inspections again and La Palette is wasting no time bringing the unusual item back to its guests.

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