Burger King employee makes a grandma cry

A Burger King employee in Virginia took some liberties with a title on a receipt. The stunt got the worker fired. (WTVR-TV)

If nominations for the worst person of the year award were out, a certain Burger King employee would be in the running, for sure.

A worker at a Virginia Burger King decided would be funny to title an elderly woman and her daughter-in-law’s receipt, “bitch ass hoes”. Oh yes, just hysterical.

The elderly woman, who’s name is Laurel, said that she and her daughter-in-law went for dinner at the fast food joint when she noticed what it said on her receipt. Laurel was so upset she had to fight her tears. Making an old lady cry? Congratulations, kid. You’ve reached a whole new level of disrespect!

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“This is more than an insult,” Laurel told WTVR. “I liked going there. But after this they won’t get my business anymore,” she said.

Upon seeing the receipt, Laurel demanded to speak with the manager, who apologized for his embarrassingly disrespectful employee. Burger King also offered the following statement:

“Customer service is a top priority every day at BURGER KING® restaurants and we have great respect for all of our guests. Burger King Corp. (BKC) is aware of a receipt from a franchisee-owned and operated restaurant that does not comply with our customer service policy. The franchisee has taken swift action to investigate this matter and has informed BKC that he terminated the employee involved in this incident.”

On the upside, the employee was fired. A real slap on the wrist … the sad thing is he’s probably laughing about it now.

But that’s much of the problem with the youth of today … there is no respect for their elders.

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Does anybody else recall the heart-wrenching story of Karen Klein, the elderly lady bus monitor from Athena Middle School in Greece, New York? Who can be that mean to a 68-year-old lady?

And who is to blame for the obscenely disrespectful actions of our future generation? The parents? The media? Ourselves? Disrespect is learned. So what does that tell you we are teaching our kids?

We can only hope that a significantly large chain like Burger King is taking suitable action to never let something like this happen again … especially to an innocent old lady. All I know is that my grandma would have no problem taking off her shoe and whacking the kid upside the head for a stunt like that. Then again, she was from a time where respect for elders wasn’t optional; it was mandatory.

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