NASA confuses the moon for the sun in Twitter post

(Photo: NASA)
(Photo: NASA)

Twitter is great for a lot of things. Its downside is when you accidentally make a mistake as big as the sun… or is it the moon.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is finding out first hand just how fickle that relationship can be.

The space agency tweeted out a photo on Tuesday taken by Cdr. Scott Kelly from the International Space Station in which they say “The sun & Earth” can be seen.

The problem is that the blue shiny thing is actually the moon.

The mistake would be a lot more forgivable if, as Mashable reports, the agency responsible for civilian space flight, aeronautics and space research hadn’t made the exact same mistake in another tweet less than a month ago.

An easy way to tell it’s the moon is because the stars surrounding it wouldn’t generally be visible if it were the sun, according to the report.

Kelly started his NASA career in 1996 and piloted his first spaceflight three years later. This is his sixth foray into space, this time commanding a year long stint at the ICC.

The space-vet originally posted the image to his Twitter account on Saturday with the hashtag ‘#Goodnight’, suggesting he, at least, knew what he was looking at.

It’s probably safe to chalk this one up as another genuine mistake by someone on NASA’s social media team, but it’s still rather funny to see the authority on all things space misidentify the sun.