Camera falls from plane, almost gets eaten by pig, but survives

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Hold onto your lunch, especially if you’ve already eaten, because this video will make your stomach turn.

First of all, we should be trying to figure out who the manufacturer of this camera is, because clearly they need to get smartphone companies to start making phones out of this stuff!

Seriously, how does a camera fall from thousands of feet in the air, record the entire trip down, land in a dirty pig pen, almost get eaten by a pig, and still work eight months later? Even more shocking is how no one was struck by this object on its way down!

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Mia Munselle is the owner of the property on which the camera fell. She posted this unbelievable video. There are a lot of skeptics, though. Especially with all these videos going viral lately, many of which are completely fake. Many commenting on the YouTube video are quick to rule out the validity of this video.

Some users say it seems like a GoPro camera advertisement. Many are skeptical because of how perfectly the camera lands that we can see the pig mosey on over to investigate. No way could that ever happen in real life.

Many of these users must be pig experts, because the consensus is that the pig would have eaten that camera in no time, or at least torn it to shreds long before eight months had passed. Okay, supposed pig experts: Pigs aren’t stupid. They know what is and isn’t edible … though based on the tour we got of the inside of this pigs mouth, it’s possible this little piggy will eat just about anything.

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