Canada goose attacks man walking through Mississauga, Ont. park

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz

The man was just trying to pick up a bag when the bird ran for him

A man is just trying to walk through a park in Mississauga when all of a sudden he is attacked by a Canada Goose.

The unsuspecting victim was just trying to pick up a bag, when the goose runs over to the bag beak flapping and forces the man to quickly back up. The goose pushes him farther back as it takes flight.

The goose then stands there like a statue as the man, determined to get the bag, swats a newspaper at the goose's head.

The scuffle continues and the man eventually gets the bag and hands it to a woman, but the goose isn't done. It takes one last run at the man, who sees it coming from behind, turns around and puts his foot out as if to kick the bird.

We're not sure why the woman doesn't have her bag, but she may have been too afraid to get it. In that case, this chivalrous man came to her rescue.

The goose may have been protecting a nest, guarded by another goose seen just to the left of the fight scene.

"Because of their aggressive nature the adult geese will attack any person that comes in close proximity to their nest," reads the Gates Wildlife Control website. The birds are protected under Canadian law and it is illegal to disturb, damage or destroy their nest or eggs.

According to Country Facts, a goose may feel threatened and you may be in trouble if it tries to make itself appear larger than normal by standing up straighter, puffing out its chests or spreading its wings. They will also hiss and run toward people.

"If you see any of these signs, run, even if you are stronger than a goose," reads the website. "Geese are faster than they look and if it gets close enough, it will peck at you with its beak and bite you."

The website eHow tells us if a goose does attack we should show no fear, maintain eye contact, stay calm, face the goose and walk slowly backward.

While the man may not have enjoyed his encounter with wildlife, the people filming the video certainly did. They couldn't stop laughing and we're guessing you couldn't either.