Canadian tourists arrested for streaking in Machu Picchu

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“Honey, we’re going streaking!”

Two Canadian tourists were detained in Peru this week, where they had to learn “the naked truth” about the repercussions of streaking.

There have been accounts lately of young tourists taking photos of themselves running naked through the ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu. Apparently it’s the latest fad.

On Wednesday morning alone, there were two separate instances of streakers trying to record images of themselves naked amid the famous mountain top ruins. Two Canadians and two Australians were taken into custody.

Authorities are expected to post signs warning tourists that they will be kicked out of the historic site if they remove their clothes. Because apparently people need to be told that it’s disrespectful to run naked around a country’s ancient ruins.

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“The place you are visiting is a sacred space, icon of our national identity,” said the Cuzco directorate of the Peruvian Culture Ministry in press release following Wednesday’s streak-a-thon.

“Any obscene, profane act, or nudity, against the sacredness of the site, will be severely punished by expulsion and reporting the incident to the embassy of the offender.”

If you’re real curious, you can view the video of the naked couple running naked through the ancient ruins here on YouTube.

Unfortunately for these Canadians, they were identified and their names were also released.

The Quebecers, whose Facebook profiles proved that they were backpacking in Peru are Antonie Daudelin and Patrice Mathien.

The Canadians allegedly took a number of naked photos of each other earlier in the morning at the back of a group of ruins called the Three Doors.

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Shockingly enough, authorities also caught the two Australians doing the same thing earlier that same day. What are the odds?

It seems the nude dudes didn’t take any notice to the note that the Peruvian Culture Ministry left on its website condemning streakers as attention-seekers whose attitude “contributes nothing to building a society of values, tolerance and inclusion.”

The four tourists were released after several hours of custody with the Machu Picchu police, but not before seizing their camcorders and iPhones.

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