Clam eating salt is actually trying to dig into table

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz

Most of us are used to only seeing clams already partially opened, cooked and ready to eat, but a new viral video shows a different part of the clam's life.

The somewhat disturbing video, according to YouTube user PrincessNeba, is a clam eating salt, but according to the New Statesman that isn't the case.

While it looks like the clam is sticking out its tongue to pick up the salt, clams apparently don't have tongues.

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Clams are filter feeders, meaning they brush water over their gills to capture plankton and then digest it. The clam is actually extending its foot to feel the ground. The foot is used to bury the clam into the ocean floor.

Clams usually live in intertidal zones and the clam thinks because it's dry it must be on the sand and try to bury itself until the water level rises. The salt going into the clam is comparable to a human rubbing salt on an open wound.

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But considering the clam is sitting on a kitchen table in front of a stove, we're guessing the salt will be the least of the clam's issues.