Cleaning lady steals train in Sweden, crashes it into apartment

Jordana Divon
Contributing Writer
Daily Buzz

And here’s reason No. 3,215 not to steal a train: You don’t know how to drive one.

A joyriding cleaning lady reportedly hijacked an empty commuter train from a depot early Monday and sent it careening at high speed into a suburban Stockholm building.

As Reuters reports, the 20-year-old woman allegedly gained access to the key required to access the locomotion and drove the four-car train approximately 1.6 km to the end of the railway line.

[ Photos from the scene of the crash ]

That’s when she may or may not have had an “Oh crap!” moment. Because Russia Today notes that instead of coming to a halt, the train careened off the track and slammed into a three-storey residential building in Saltsjoebaden, Sweden, where five sleeping occupants received the most terrifying wake-up call of their lives.

Video from the crash shows part of the crumpled train sticking out of the building’s exterior. The train only reached the kitchen and luckily none of the residents was hurt.

The same can’t be said for the rogue train conductor, who was taken to the hospital with serious injuries once officials were finally able to extract her from the wreckage.

The unnamed woman has reportedly been detained on suspicion of destruction of public property.

It was not known how the woman managed to get her hands on the key, but the incident has raised many questions about security measures.

“It shouldn't be possible for unauthorized people to drive our trains,” Christer G Wennerholm of the Stockholm County Council’s traffic committee said in a statement (of the obvious).

It’s also not the first time a railroad aficionado has decided to live out any Thomas the Tank Engine fantasies.

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In 2009, Brandon Dowdy, a 22-year-old mechanic from South Miami, Florida, stole a parked, empty locomotive and took it on a 20-minute joyride. His motivation? It was there. Also, he and his buddy wanted to catch a band called Big Dick and the Extenders at the local bar.

Wonder if the cleaning lady will be able to come up with a better reason than that.