Clyde the dog wants a kitty, oh please, pretty please

Have you ever heard of a kitten who sounded like this before? That's a first!

I g..I go..I got a kitty!

All this big dog wants is a kitten and he's not ashamed to tell you all about it.

With the help of Canadian voice actor Andrew Grantham and what was certainly some teasing with an enticing toy or a treat off camera, Clyde the dog showed the world just how much he really loves kittens in a video uploaded over the weekend.

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The video already has more than 1.3 million views, with comments calling the conversation between an owner and his ecstatic dog adorable.

The owner teases the dog by saying he looked at the snakes, mice and parrots among a whole list of other animals that are not kittens. He can't contain his excitement at the mention of a cat.

The video was created as promotion for the campaign Pets Add Life, intended to promote responsible pet ownership.

Andrew Grantham quit his job to make videos like this one full-time, according to the Globe and Mail, and he has raised thousands of dollars for the SPCA in Nova Scotia.

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In his most popular video to date, entitled Ultimate Dog Tease, he describes making bacon, chicken and steak as the dog on camera appears to go wild at the food descriptions. Then he tells the dog he ate everything and shared some with the cat.

He responds as any dog would.

"You're kiddin' me."

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