CNN Anchor Don Lemon blames black community for Justin Bieber’s use of the N-word

CNN Anchor Don Lemon blames black community for Justin Bieber’s use of the N-word

The Biebs is in hot water yet again over his recently leaked racist remarks.

Videos of Justin Bieber using the “N” word – first during a tasteless joke, and more recently replacing the word in one of his hit songs – have surfaced on the Internet.

Even though Bieber has apologized for the first incident, additional footage on the tape shows his use of the word multiple times after the short clip that was released.

Fans and fellow musicians have come to Bieber’s defense on Instagram and Twitter stating that, “He’s not a racist, he has black friends!”

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What was more shocking was when CNN anchor Don Lemon, who is also black, came to defend Bieber, Gawker reports. Believe it or not, Lemon actually blames the black community for Bieber's nonchalant use of the “N” word. In a blog post on, Lemon addresses the target audience of the website, black Americans, and says he believes the “Hip Hop Culture” that Bieber subscribes to, which is made up predominantly of black people, is at fault.

Why? Lemon says that he frequently hears people in this hip hop community of all ages who can barely get through a sentence without using the derogatory word, and even call each other the “N” word, no matter what their ethnicity.

He agrees that young Bieber should not be using the word at all, but since immersing himself into the black hip hop culture, Bieber seems to be comfortable using it, furthering Lemon’s pointed blame at black people.

Some are saying Bieber is racist.

Is he?

I don’t know.

But I do know that this is the danger of the proliferation of the use of the n-word.

People hear it in music.

They hear it on the street.

They hear it almost everywhere and they subliminally become immune.

Lemon poses the point that if people want Justin Bieber to stop using the “N” word, then maybe they should do the same.

Bieber responded to his racist remarks in an apology shortly after the second video was leaked: "Facing my mistakes from years ago has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever dealt with. But I feel now that I need to take responsibility for those mistakes and not let them linger. I just hope that the next 14-year-old kid who doesn’t understand the power of these words does not make the same mistakes I made years ago. At the end of the day I just need to step up and own what I did."

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