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Colombian burglars foiled after their getaway donkey goes rogue

Tip: A donkey probably shouldn't be your first choice as a getaway vehicle.In the long list of getaway vehicle options, a donkey probably ranks somewhere toward the bottom.

However, that didn't stop three criminals in Colombia from using a donkey to escape after robbing a small shop in the town of Juan de Acosta, according to The Telegraph. They stole rum, oil, rice, tuna and sardines, the owner told local media.

That's when the situation turned sour. The group had stolen the donkey about 12 hours before the crime and he clearly had some objections with his new job. Or he was just being an ass.

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Either way, the animal started to bray noisily and alerted nearby police to the scene. The robbers ditched the getaway animal, along with the stolen goods, and ran like their donkey had called the police.

Police returned the stolen products to the store and the donkey's original owner picked him up.

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Other poorly-chosen getaway vehicles have made past headlines, including two robbers in Malaysia whose car was too small to fit most of the money they stole from a security van, according to Metro.

A smuggler trying to cross the border from Ukraine to Romania with cigarettes and tobacco once made his not-so-speedy dash using a horse and buggy, according to the Daily Mail.

Perhaps we should be surprised no one has tried to escape on a turtle. Yet.

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