Computer simulation shows Titanic sinking in real time

Elianna Lev

While the sinking of the Titanic was dramatically reenacted in an Academy Award-winning film that was three and a half hours long, a new computer-generated video simulation accurately depicts the famous ship going down in real time.

The video, which runs just over 2 hours and 40 minutes, details the timeline of events that lead to the sinking of the most famous ocean liner in history.

The video shows an animated version of the ship sailing across the ocean at night. At the 11:39 mark, the ship’s crew spot an iceberg. Later that minute, all engines are ordered to stop, but in vain. A minute later the Titanic strikes the iceberg on its starboard sides. Voiceovers of the crew can be heard yelling instructions like “Close the emergency doors” and “Ring the warning bell”, as we slowly pan the ocean liner from various angles.

While the video eerily depicts the ship empty, written prompts and sound effects detail the panic and tension created by the tragic events.

Released a day before the Apr. 15 anniverary of the ship’s sinking, the video reenactment is part of Titanic – Honor and Glory, a PC game that allows players to explore the ship, meet passengers and crew and experience the events.