Tory supporter’s pro-Harper rant turns into hilarious meme

This Tory suporter took exception with reporters asking the PM about the Mike Duffy trial. (Photo: Radio Canada)

After a Conservative party supporter made national headlines with his pro-Harper rant, it was only a matter of time before the memes began making the rounds online.

During a recent campaign stop in Toronto, tensions appeared to escalate when reporters began questioning the prime minister on the controversial Mike Duffy trial.

Tory supporters certainly didn’t appreciate the line of questioning, including one particular man who lashed out and called one reporter a “lying piece of s***.”

And before we could even learn the man’s name, the Internet did its thing.

Harper has spent quite a bit of his early campaign battling questions about the Duffy trial. He insists that he didn’t know anything about the infamous $90,000 cheque despite the latest evidence – emails revealing that several staffers in the PMO were aware of Nigel Wright’s intention of repaying Duffy’s expenses, CBC News reports.

Harper has responded by stating that Duffy and his former chief of staff were the two individuals “being held fully accountable for their actions.”

And it seems one Tory supporter is standing behind the prime minister.

In the video, the unidentified man is confronted by CTV News reporter Laurie Graham after he said to a group of reporters: “You guys and your fantasy scandals amount to zero.”

He then goes to say that Duffy made a “bit of cheating” on his tax returns and “you are turning it into an issue.”

He accused reporters of cheating on their tax returns and said that the Duffy scandal amounts to nothing.

“Harper has produced good government,” he yells at the reporters.

When one reporter asked the man for his name, he responded, “go stuff yourselves.”

Eventually, security had to escort the man from the event and conservative spokesman Kory Teneycke later apologized to the journalists for the “unacceptable behaviour.”

At least his meltdown to the press resulted in some pretty funny memes.

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