Curious lion steals photographer’s camera from grasslands of Africa

You can add digital cameras to the list of a lion's prey.

Roger de la Harpe, a photographer working on a book about the endangered African lion, made the discovery with the help of one curious lioness and a drool-covered camera.

After spotting three lionesses heading his way, de la Harpe placed a small digital camera in their path, hoping for a great live action shot.

And boy, did he ever get his shot. Check it out:

"It was the last thing I expected her to do," said de la Harpe in a Telegraph story.

Just as he had planned, the lionesses walked toward the camera. But instead of inattentively passing by, one curious lioness gave the camera a quick once-over before picking it up with her mouth.

As the lens remained unobstructed, the camera managed to capture a unique view of the south African grasslands.

She then takes the $500 camera on a five-minute jaunt before dropping it in the grass.

"It was quite nerve-wracking looking for it," de la Harpe said in the story. "The lions were only 75 meters away and the grass was pretty thick so it took quite a bit of searching before I spotted it."