Internet's most adorable dog-and-toddler napping duo becomes a trio

Internet's most adorable dog-and-toddler napping duo becomes a trio (Instagram)

Our favourite napping duo is now a trio.

Toddler-and-puppy pair Beau and Theo, whose napping photos went viral earlier in 2014, have a new addition to their napping routine: Beau’s baby sister, Evangeline.

And, sure enough, Evangeline, who goes by Evvie, has only made the cute group cuter.

Mom Jessica Shyba told BuzzFeed that while Beau took to napping with Theo almost immediately, it took Evvie about four months to get into her own napping rhythm, participating in what Shyba calls the “magical nap time trifecta.”

“Theo and Beau started napping together the day after we brought Theo home from the Santa Cruz SPCA at 7 weeks old. Almost every day since, they have napped together. Evangeline only started joining in on the fun last week when she began to find a routine of her own,” Shyba said.

Shyba described the new routine on her blog:

“Evangeline is the first to go to sleep, and after she’s sleeping I’m able to sit with Beau while he and Theo fall asleep. Once the are both out, I bring Evvie in a little closer because honestly, they all sleep better when there’s another warm body and soft heartbeat right there next to them. I never leave the room in these scenarios — I find time to work or read quietly at my desk a few feet away from our master bed.”

“I’m trying not to get my hopes up that this magical nap time trifecta is a habit that will last, but each day this happens with or without Evvie — I’m ever in awe at their sweet slumber,” she wrote.

And while Theo fell in love with Evvie right away, the little girl is still warming up to the gentle canine.

“Theo has been so doting upon Evvie ever since she came home from the hospital. He really seems to look after her. She’s still unsure of him, but seems to really be interested in him. The coolest thing is watching Theo be so careful and sweet around her. He really does ‘get it,’” Shyba told BuzzFeed.

Shyba will be releasing a book of her adorable photography, titled “Naptime with Theo & Beau” early next month.

We expect to see adorable Evvie in the sequel.

Check out more adorable photos of this napping trifecta on Shyba’s Instagram.