Dash cam captures driver crashing into mating cows

Russian driver hits mating cows

A driver in Russia appears to have interrupted a moment of cattle love by crashing into two animals as they mated on the road.

The video, taken from the dashboard of a vehicle, shows a car driving down an unidentified road and then squealing its brakes as two cattle, immersed in passion, step in front of the car.

But there's no time to tell them to mooove; the cow smashes into the windshield and slides down the hood of the car, landing on its side in the middle of the road. Through the cracked windshield, the footage shows the cow getting up and walking away, closely followed by the bull and another cow.

A man gets out of the vehicle to survey the damage, but he doesn't seem ready to apologize to the cattle for the interruption.

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"I hate Russia," the video description says when translated from Russian.

The date on the dash cam indicates the recording date is June 15, 2025. Either the video is an ominous look into the future of cattle mating or this driver needs to fix the date on his camera.

Dash cams have become very popular in Russia due to insurance fraud, which has resulted in such wonders as a video of a woman pretending she was hit by a car and a compilation of touching human moments and close calls as captured from the driver's seat.

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