Denny’s restaurant in Las Vegas puts Grand Slams and weddings on the menu

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

On the menu at Denny's: a Grand Slam breakfast with a side of marriage.

Denny's officially opened its flagship restaurant in Las Vegas last Thursday, according to Nation's Restaurant News. But the diner didn't stop at burgers and fries. It's also opening a wedding chapel.

"Guests can browse through a menu of packaged wedding experiences to create the wild, wacky or romantic diner nuptials of their dreams," reads the original announcement.

How many couples dream of diner nuptials? We'll soon find out.

It could save love birds some dough and earn them extra dough, if you count the Pancake Puppies wedding cake, made from the restaurant's signature deep fried pancake batter.

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The restaurant says it designed the Vegas store to fit in with the rest of the city's wacky tourist draws.

"The 6,400+ sq. ft. diner will combine the over-the-top eccentricity that Las Vegas is best known for with the authenticity of America's Diner," the release says.

The opening follows a branding shift with Denny's positioning itself as "America's Diner" — a place where people get together with their neighbours, something like Cheers.

"The diner is the original social network where the community gathers to share and connect with one another," the release says.

Or if that doesn't do it, Denny's likes online social networks, too, and the new restaurant will have an interactive photo booth where guests can take photos with Vegas props then post them directly to Facebook or Twitter.

Nation's restaurant news reported the store has a full bar that offers drinks such as a bacon-flavored martini.

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Elvis Presley inspired some of the menu items, including the King Stack, which is pancakes with bananas, peanut butter, and again, bacon.

Looks like Las Vegas' Graceland Chapel, which claims to have offered the original Elvis-themed wedding, has some new competition in town.