Does Canada need a Minister of Fun?

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz
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Yes, of course Canada needs a Minister of Fun. Why would you even ask that question?

Actually, according to a study conducted by the social networking website Badoo, Canada is suffering from a critical shortage of fun. The study is touting its results as having uncovered the "Holy Grail" of having fun.

Sure, we'll play along for a moment. Badoo says it asked residents in 17 countries worldwide to answer a question about how often they enjoy themselves.

"How often do you really have fun and a good time (such as when going out socially or seeing friends)?" was the research question, according to the release.

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Canadians, perhaps confused by the research question's use of both "fun" and the synonym "a good time," ranked fifth from the bottom on the list of countries ordered by how much fun their residents have.

Canadians said they had fun nearly 10 days a month, compared with 12 days of good times a month for Americans, 14 days for Mexicans and 15 days for Argentines.

Perhaps it's because Canadians have so many fewer vacation days than some other countries.

It's unclear how the study defined 'fun' and I think Canadians would support the addition of sitting at Tim Hortons, ice fishing and staying home to watch This Hour Has 22 Minutes to the fun criteria.

Badoo says it surveyed mostly young people in their 20s and 30s.

However, Canada can still recognize a party more readily than the Poles, it seems, as well as the Belgians, French and Russians. Badoo notes the countries on the no-fun list seem to have colder climates.

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"Does Stephen Harper himself need to start treating our national fun shortage as a Government problem?" the release says.

And thus, we return to the critical question of who to appoint as the first ever Minister of Fun? Let us know in the comments below.