DOGTV so successful in California it’s expanding nationally

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz

The DOGTV channel just for canines keeps them relaxed and stimulated while you are at work

There is a new breed of television channel and it's just for dogs.

While some may laugh at this idea of DOGTV, the channel has been quite successful. One million subscribers have access in San Diego and parent company PTV Media plans to offer it nation-wide in the coming months. The program is available online in Canada and has a app for iPhone and iPad.

The on-demand channel offers an eight-hour block of programming that keeps dogs relaxed and stimulated while you are at work. Cameramen get down on their knees to make sure they capture everything from the dog perspective.

"Scientifically developed. Pup approved. DOGTV is cable's first television network for dogs that is created exclusively for canines, and the humans who love them," reads the DOGTV website. "DOGTV's 24/7 programming helps stimulate, entertain, relax and habituate dogs with shows that expose them to various movements, sounds, objects, experiences and behavior patterns, all from a dog's point of view."

The channel will cost about $4.99 a month and CEO of DOGTV Gilad Neumann believes it will do well because 46 million American households have a dog and 97 per cent of households have a television.

Mary Catania gets ready for work and puts on DOGTV so her French Bulldog, Bleu, can watch it all day. He has been watching for about a month.

"He will jump up on the TV console and try to get into the television," she said in the video. "He just gets really excited to watch it."

She also said it's a great occupier because he is always looking to get into trouble.

Dr. Nick Dodman, Program Director of the Animal Behavior Department of Clinical Sciences at Tufts University and DOGTV's chief scientist, said in a Fox News article the canine brain could only see a flickering screen with analog televisions. Digital TVs and high-definition cameras enhance what they see and the large screen allows them to see it from anywhere in the room. Dodman also said the channel also acts as a form of socialization for puppies.