Dolphin kisses dog in scene from classic IMAX film ‘Dolphins’

One World One Ocean just uploaded the now viral clip to promote their organization

You just never know who can become friends.

As seen in this video, a dolphin swims alongside a boat with two dogs and come far enough out of the water to give one of the dogs a kiss right on the lips. The dolphin then does a celebratory jump out of the water.

The short clip, from the award-winning IMAX classic, 'Dolphins' by MacGillivray Freeman Films, has gone viral since being posted on YouTube a few days ago. Even though the clip is more than a decade old, One World One Ocean posted it to promote their organization.

MacGillivray Freeman Films is the same production team that made some of the most popular IMAX movies in history including 'Everest' and 'The Living Sea'.

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Greg MacGillivray, his wife Barbara and son Shaun "created the One World One Ocean campaign with a pledge to build a movement to restore the ocean by doing what they do best - inspiring people to action with great storytelling and filmmaking," reads the website.

They believe the ocean is at a tipping point and human action in the next 10 years can determine the ocean's fate for the next 10,000 years.

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While we don't know what the dolphin is thinking, scientists have developed a prototype dolphin speaker and hope to one day be able to communicate with the mammals.