Don’t feed your kids to the animals: hungry camel tries to make meal of toddler

When a camel at the Kansas City Zoo ran out of snacks to munch on, he decided a taste of little girl might do for a change.

A video of a family driving through a safari with windows down shows a camel sticking its head into the window of the car as as a toddler and her parents feed the animal.

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Once the camel's mouth was empty, however, he found something new to chew—the daughter's head.

The girl was 2-year-old Aliyah Inzer, according to the New York Daily News. She seemed to like her new camel friend just fine until he seemingly tried to eat her.

Inzer's father pushed the camel away and began to drive on but the stubborn animal ran with them and blocked the car's path.

Little Aliyah recovered quickly. She was laughing at the silly camel only a few moments later. In the description on the original video, the parents described some "nervous laughter" in the video.

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"Our daughter is fine but I think we will be a little more careful around those ornery camel next time!" the description says.

Perhaps the Kansas City Zoo will have to add a sign that says not to feed your kids to the animals.