Doug Ford defends brother on CNN with vodka bottle in plain sight

Thomas Bink
Daily Buzz

You've got to hand it to the Ford brothers. They really have an uncanny ability to undermine themselves.

On Friday, Toronto City Councillor Doug Ford took to American airwaves in defence of his brother, Rob, who earlier in the day had many of his mayoral powers removed from him.

"Rob does not come into work drunk," Doug proclaimed on CNN. "He said he's tried illicit drugs under a drunken stupor. He's not doing drugs and not drinking and so is moving in the right direction in my opinion."

What Ford may not have realized was that he had what appears to be a bottle of Grey Goose vodka on a table in the background during his defence. We've enhanced an image of the interview, below.

Rob Ford has been under fire after confessing to numerous drinking events, and vodka has been revealed as his drink of choice. During the CNN interview, Doug Ford went on to call the "public flogging" his brother has received a humiliating experience.

"It's embarrassing and Rob has admitted it's embarrassing. We've come out publicly and said that numerous times. I don't know what more we can do outside of moving forward."

Well, a good first step might be clearing the liquor out of your office, Councillor Ford.

Check out the full video: