Drivers cheat death as trucks tumble down Norway cliff

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz

Two truck drivers are still alive after their vehicles went over the guard rail and fell 200 feet

Action movie stars often jump out of moving cars just in time to survive death or survive falling off a massive cliff, but real people aren't always that lucky. These two were though.

Two truck drivers have cheated death after their vehicles rolled off a snow-covered cliff in Norway and tumbled 200 feet to the river valley below. The one truck was towing the larger one because it didn't have the right tires for the mountain road. But the larger truck got too close to the side and tipped over the guard rail pulling the tow truck with it.

As seen in the video, the tow truck driver jumps out of his driver's-side door just before his truck lurches backward and starts tumbling down the cliff.

The Lithuanian driver of the larger truck was taken to hospital and has suffered many broken bones but is in stable condition, according to the BBC.