Dutch pot-growers targeting high-intensity Porsche headlights

Jordana Divon
Contributing Writer
Daily Buzz

Car owners who shell out the big bucks for a sweet ride know their vehicles are more likely to be targeted by thieves.

And if you're lucky enough to park a Porsche in your well-paved driveway, there are certain precautions you may need to take to ensure your baby's expensive parts, like tires and rims, remain attached to the rest of the car.

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So when a bunch of headlamps started disappearing from Porsches across the Netherlands, police were initially at a loss to explain why these particular items were being targeted instead of the more regularly lifted bits.

That is until they discovered that the car's high-intensity xenon lamps made for the perfect pot growing accouterments.

As Carbuzz.com notes, when you pay for a quality German sports car, you also get a pair of lights that provide the perfect amount of brightness and heat to nurture an indoor cannabis field, all while going easy on the electricity.

Enterprising pot cultivators looking to line their grow ops with a room full of these lights would have to pay $700 a pop, an economic factor that explains why so many Cayennes and Panameras have been lining Dutch streets with a bunch of missing eyes.

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But if you happen to be visiting an Amsterdam coffee shop in the next few weeks and your purchase has an expensive aftertaste, there's a chance you may have sampled some Porsche-grown stock.