Epic text conversation ensues after woman sends her boyfriend to buy makeup

[Boyfriend shares hilarious text messages of him trying to buy his girlfriend’s makeup / Imgur]

Makeup is already a hard enough concept for most men to grasp so when a girlfriend decided to send her boyfriend shopping for lipstick, fake eyelashes, and dry shampoo, it comes as no surprise that it didn’t go over very well.

Nevertheless, the conversation the two had while he was out shopping is quite hilarious.

Over the weekend, Imgur user and boyfriend in question Blufiz shared screenshots of the text conversations he had with his girlfriend while in the makeup aisle, trying to look for the items on the list she provided.

“I should have went,” she wrote right from the beginning after he was baffled by the first item on the list “light bright matte” lipstick.

“How is something light bright? That like contradicts itself,” he wrote.

She then decides to send him a picture of the colour she has in mind and tells him to pick a lipstick that’s closely related.

He then picks up what looks like nail polish and asks her if the colour is close enough.

“That looks like nail polish,” she replied. “But yes. I like the colour.”

“Isn’t this place sorted by nails, lip stuff, hair stuff,” he wrote.

After searching for a while, he finally comes across matte lipstick but he can’t find the “light bright” colour.

“Light bright doesn’t exist,” he wrote.

At which point his girlfriend explains that the words she used were “description words for you. Not an actual colour.”

After he chooses a light pink-coloured lipstick, his girlfriend asks him to put a little on the side of his hand, in order to check if the colour is not too dark.

Instead of drawing a simple line, Blufiz doodles what looks like bird on his arm.

He finally seems to be getting the hang of things with the next item on the list, fake eyelashes. He has no problem finding it although the eyelash adhesive is another issue.

Unfortunately, he never gets to the last item on the list, which is dry shampoo because he realizes he forgot his wallet at home. But it’s the thought that counts.

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