Eyelid weightlifter has eye-popping talent

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

A Chinese man with an eye-popping talent says thousands of spectators have watched him weight lift buckets of water with his eyelids, according to NBC News.

Wang Xianxiang, 42, from Hunan province, can reportedly lift two buckets of water with a combined weight of 9 pounds. NBC reported that Wang hung the buckets from hooks on his eyelids for an entire minute at a local festival last weekend, where he was photographed.

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The talent is a gruesome sight but Wang says that hasn't stopped people from watching. Far from a lifetime circus performer, the man is a fireworks maker with a wife and two children.

He told NBC he started this special kind of weight lifting because he was bored. Apparently watching a movie or learning to knit never occurred to him. The story says another component of his act involves chatting with the audience while helpers wrap a wire around his neck.

Wang told NBC he wanted to increase the weight on each of his eyelids from 4.5 pounds to 11 pounds per eye.

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He said it was "extremely painful" when he first starting lifting objects with his eyelids but now it's only uncomfortable.