Families blame jets near Toronto airport for dropping ‘sky poo’

The Sullivan family took this picture of the damage to one of their cars.

A strange and smelly tale has unfolded in Mississauga, Ont. this week as families say waste falling from the sky has drenched their properties.

They're blaming passing airplanes from Toronto's Pearson Airport, and saying the brown substance smells like it comes from a toilet. Call it the flight of the feces.

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CBC reported the story of Emma Gilfillan-Giannakos, who said she had been sitting in her yard near the pool when a loud bang startled her. She said her yard was covered in brown splotches and some of them had fallen into the pool.

Another family living nearby said a stinky substance splatted onto a car in their driveway on Wednesday, dripping down the side of the vehicle, according to the CBC.

If this is what it looks like when the sky is falling, Chicken Little needs to tell the king.

Someone did tell Transport Canada, according to the CBC, and it investigated whether the waste could be the result of leakage from an airplane bathroom. The CBC reported the investigation found no airplane was at fault, and it's now been closed.

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In past years, residents in the Montreal area have blamed airplanes for falling waste that caused purple stains on their cars and homes. A Transport Canada investigation concluded the stains were from migratory birds that had eaten berries.

The second victim, George Sullivan, told the CBC a bird couldn't have caused the mess in his yard, "unless it was a pterodactyl."

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