Fan-built Iron Man costume impresses social media

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz
Fan-made Iron Man costume (Courtesy Facebook)

He's foamier than his Marvel counterpart but a teenager has turned himself into Iron Man.

Watch the skies, for this 17-year-old superhero is taking off. At least, he appears to have impressed the social media world by building an elaborate Iron Man costume, which he says is made from foam, wood and recycled items, including old shoes.

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His friend began a thread on the social media website Reddit yesterday, where the costume-maker answered questions about his project. Before it was over, the post had more than 350 comments. A few Reddit users offered to buy the Iron Man suit.

"I probably wouldn't sell it though, unless someone was willing to pay ludicrous sums of money," he posted.

Some prodding on the thread revealed his idea of large sums amounted to about $1,100 to $1,400, which a few users suggested they would happily pay.

No sum too high for securing a best costume win at next year's Halloween party.

The costume-builder, who didn't publish his name, posted the material for Iron Man cost him about $500 and a great deal of time.

Another fan, Anthony Le, built a costume for the Iron Man character War Machine for a 2010 contest. He won first place, according to his YouTube channel.

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However, Batman super-fan Chris Weir, who built a bat cave in his basement, could still give these fans a challenge for the comic book-obsessive crown.

We tip our helmets to you, sirs.