'Bank of Dad' rejects son's allowance request with hilarious letter

When a six-year-old boy asked his dad for an advance on his allowance so he could buy a toy, dad didn’t just simply say no. He turned the request down with an official rejection letter from the ‘Bank of Dad.’

The hilarious letter was shared on Imgur by user Sonan303, where it has racked up over 3.9 million views.

The dad from St. Louis, Missouri, penned the letter to his son, complete with a letterhead inspired by the ING bank logo: “Savings and loan: Because apparently I look like I’m made of money.”

According to the letter, the six-year-old boy requested his $20 allowance in advance but his loan was rejected due to “insufficient funds and a history of not doing chores.”

The dad then pointed out “over $80.00 has been spent on discretionary entertainment expenses since Christmas” and the Bank of Dad “cannot further compound the problem by financially assisting with occurring (incurring) further debt at this point.”

The child, however, does have a chance to dispute the decision with the complaints department, the letter states, which just so happens to be his mother.

Dad’s hilarious response to his child’s request has struck a chord with many on Imgur.

User AdolfMasterChef wrote: “Complaint department = mom. This man knows how to parent.”

“Well, if the kid can read and understand that letter at 6, he probably negotiated a $20 allowance with pure logic and reason,” rotorgust wrote.

NorthCrown added: “*dad gets sued by ING*”