Feisty feline frightens black bear

A feisty cat scares away a black bear.


Darlis Elliott is used to the occasional moose or bear sighting from her back porch in Eagle River, Alaska, so she wasn’t surprised when a black bear sauntered up her driveway on Sunday.

But her two-year-old cat, Nani, usually a “fraidy-cat”, acted a bit differently, Elliott told Alaska news channel KTUU.

“We were all kind of watching [the bear] as he came up the back porch and that’s when Nani saw him,” said Elliott. "She was watching him until he turned his face to the door, and that’s when she pounced.”

Elliot told KTUU she was surprised her normally-shy cat scared the bear enough to make him fall off the porch.

Nani did her job well – Elliott said the bear has not been seen since.