First steps: Watch Toronto Zoo’s baby polar bear wobble on four paws

The baby polar bear at the Toronto Zoo has taken his first steps! (YouTube)

Well, at least someone won't mind the cold.

The Toronto Zoo's still-unnamed baby polar bear has taken his first tepid steps, and zoo staff were on hand to record the precious moment.

The zoo released four new videos today showing the little guy trying to stand and making adorable cooing sounds.

The tiny cub has been living in the zoo's intensive care unit since his birth back in November, one of three baby bears born to Aurora, one of the zoo's two female polar bears. The other two babies didn't survive the first 48 hours.

But this little fellow is doing well in his climate-controlled environment, according to zoo administrators. He is able to open his eyes and has begun teething.

Looks like he'll be doing somersaults in the snow in no time.

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