Five of the best must-see videos of the week

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz

We see a lot of great and interesting videos every day at Yahoo! and here are our favourite from the past week

1. Wedding party falls in lake


Eric and Maegan Walber's marriage started off with a splash. The couple and the rest of their wedding party were posing for picturesque photos after dinner on a dock in Shelbyville, Michigan when the dock collapsed and everyone went for a swim. Apparently neither the bride nor groom were too upset and diners at the restaurant gave them a standing ovation. And for anyone who believes chivalry is dead, you can use this video to back up your theory. The groom rushes past his new wife and straight to shore. A bridesmaid helped the bride.

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2. Thief gets head stuck in garage door


In Massachusetts, would-be burglar Manuel Hernandez got his head stuck under a garage door when trying to break into a Rent-A-Center. Hernandez has been trapped there for nine hours when an employee found him the next morning. Police say he used a metal bed post to pry open the door about 20 centimetres, but as he was crawling in the door came down and pinned his head to the pavement.

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3. World's fastest skateboarder


Canadian Mischo Erban broke the Guinness World Record as the fastest skateboarder on the planet hitting speeds of just under 130 km/h on a hill in Les Eboulements, Quebec Tuesday. "When we get down to racing, I really do consider myself a human Formula One car," he said to the Vancouver Sun. "The only thing is we don't have a motor." He broke the previous record by 17 km/h.

4. TSA agent spills ashes, laughs about it


John Gross was flying home from Florida to Indiana when his grandfather's ashes ended up scattered all across the screening area at the Orlando International Airport. The ashes were sealed in a jar marked "Human Remains" and the TSA has rules against opening such jars, but Gross said an agent opened the jar and combed through it with her fingers. She then accidentally spilled about a third of the ashes and instead of apologizing, she started laughing. TSA agents are only supposed to send the jars through the X-ray machines.

5. Black bear brawl


A pair of black bears were caught fighting in a quiet Florida neighbourhood near Orlando. Both bears were standing on their hind legs, clawing with their front ones and managed to do a lot of damage to the homeowner's bushes. A woman captured the incident on her cell phone.