Fletcher the cat discovers snowflakes for the first time

Do you remember the first time you saw snow? Check out the adorable reaction from this cat after the little guy encounters the white stuff for the first time.

We love cat videos. Videos of cats who help with Spanish lessons and cats who play ping pong. Stories of cats who understand the importance of a brisk walk and kittens who appreciate their bunny friends.

We're not the only ones. More than 2 million people took time out of their busy lives over the past few days to watch Fletcher play in the snow. The video description says Fletcher's owner was sent home from work because of snowy conditions during Britain's ongoing big freeze.

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He decided to film his cat's playful discovery of snow. Fletcher leaps around, darting out paws in a frantic dance. The cat is probably chasing snowflakes.

YouTube user jefcharles updated the description to add that Fletcher wasn't forced to go outside and he was free to return inside at any time.

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Also, you can put your wallets away now because the owner posted that this kitty is not for sale.